Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where Do They Get This Stuff?

 Yesterday I drove to Team Winnebagoland in Oshkosh to pick up some oil seals for the Rat Turd. Ya I could have ordered the stuff online and had it mailed to my door but these are a great bunch of guys and I enjoy doing business with them.
 I didn't have any plans for the day so when I left I decided to check out some trailers at a place called M. Schettl Sales. I've always heard they have a lot of bizarre crap there like life size statues and oddities you just can't find anywhere else. When I walked in the door I knew right away I was gonna like this place. In one aisle were a few mini bikes and a pocket rocket. The end cap had Jake and Elwood life size statues. The walls were lined with other statues of critters, creatures, pop icons and historical figures. I walked out the side door to the next building and found everything from whiskey barrels to hang gliders. Want to decorate a room in an ancient Egyptian theme? They got it.
 As I was leaving I mentioned to an employee how cool I thought the store was. He gave me a map to the MAIN store. Hell, I didn't know. A short drive out of town led me to what appeared to be more of a museum or amusement park than a store. Here is some of what I saw.

 I'm not sure what this is all about. It was one of the first things I saw and meant to come back to it but never did.

 There is a ladder coming out of the ass of this dino. I climbed up and found a bunch of chairs inside. I sat there a few minutes thinking how cool it would be to build something like this. My wife is so lucky we live in the city limits or this whole place is exactly how my yard would look.

 The inside of this "camper" was full of treasures. I looked at every one of those containers thinking about a gas tank for the Rat Turd.

 Rusty Metal can be cool.

Way cool.

There are a lot of glass gazebos and other types of glass enclosures.

 This one might be my favorite. What it needs is something to pull it. How about a blown v8 drag sled?

 I'll be back. Not just to look at the cool stuff outside but the store is filled with unique gift ideas. Check it out if you're in the area.


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