Sunday, July 5, 2020

Parts Cabinet Update

 Todays video is a garage makeover update of sorts. I basically report that there has been limited progress but its also an update about the hardware cabinet I built and my long wait from harbor freight for some bins I ordered. 
 Ya know, some places you order things from are Johnny on the spot quick to fulfill those orders or make them right if theres a problem. The customer comes first and all that. That doesn't appear to be the case with harbor freight. Their policy seems to be to cancel orders that they haven't gotten around to filling in a respectable amount of time. They just cancel them and leave you hangin without notice. After a month of waiting and only getting one piece of a nine piece order, I called them. They said it would be another twenty days. I let a month pass and noticed on the web site that my order status changed from "pending" to "unable to fulfill". I never got an email notice of the status change. I used the phone system to check my order status and it was "pending". I called and talked with a rep that stated they had cancelled my order. That pissed me off. I'm sitting here waiting for an order that they decided they weren't gonna fulfill. Because of their policy to include all the shipping charges in the first piece they sent, I know that I could have driven to the local store 45 miles away and come out ahead including the cost of fuel. (Insert bullshit button here). I also found out that every order you check on using the phone system is reported as "pending". The rep said he was gonna make sure the order was cancelled and then reorder it. I told him I didn't give a shit how he handles things on his end as long as I got my stuff and he didn't charge me shipping again. A week later I did get my bins but upon checking my order status online I find that they changed it to "pending". What a joke.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dealing With The Heat

 Its been hot here in central Wisconsin this week and they say we're in for about a ten day run of hell on Earth. Everyone deals with the heat a little differently but for the most part I see a lot of guys at work wearing shorts along with t-shirts that really aren't much of a shirt anymore. Big floor fans blast away toward work areas while an industrial dehumidifier runs in the background.  Shop rags become beach towels filled with sweat while drinking water jugs do some sweating of their own. We keep the shop doors closed in this kind of humidity and while it is a bit cooler than outside, it seems stuffy to me. One advantage that you don't notice right away unless you think about years past is that everything in the shop isn't slimey from the humidity. Running that industrial dehumidifier isn't as cool as an air conditioner but it does make a difference.  BTW, I still wear long pants, t-shirt and work shirt. I also prefer the comfort of a thick cushion sock over some thin sock, despite the heat. I'd rather have a bead of sweat rolling down my ass crack than an icicle hanging from my nose hair. Yesterday just for fun I wore a knit hat for a while just to watch coworkers freak out a little. I mean really, its like a tropical paradise out here. If I were on vacation I'd expect nothing less.
 Another way I deal with the heat is to try to avoid it when possible. I prefer my radiation in small doses please. I haven't ridden the bike to work yet this week but thats not just because of the daily heat but rather the fact that I rode it on Sunday long enough to get a nasty sun burn. Now if I'm outside in the sun I can feel the skin on my face cracking. The heat doesn't bother me, its the pain I could do without.
 I thought I'd be out in the garage each night getting some of that makeover stuff accomplished but its another one of those areas I'm trying to avoid.

  Now I know I said the heat doesn't bother me and its true my fridge is stocked up with cold beers but dang near a hundred is hard to take after a long day of listening to whining about how miserable it is outside. Knowing the a/c is on just inside the house has lured me in to a few nights of youtube videos from the easy chair so garage makeover progress reports are non existent. 

Stay cool.


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Garage Makeover Part 3

 You guessed it, another boring ass garage makeover video. I was so proud of myself for shooting it in one take until I viewed it and realized it really was a yawn fest. Everything I wanted to say was in there but your host is a lot like the walls he painted...dull and boring. Is having no personality a personality in itself? I decided to break up the video and add a pinch of spice. Not too much mind you but just enough to force you to take a swig, sit up, and pay attention.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Writing On The Walls

 I've been putzing in the garage a couple hours a night for the last few days just picking away at my garage transformation. There sure is a lot of little crap that needs to happen and one of those things was slapping a coat of paint on the existing insulated wall that separates an already heated stall from the other two I'm working on. That wall has been there at least 50 years and was a good place to make a few notes about garage activities.

 Oil change records were scribbled here. My wife ordered a dry erase board that I plan to use moving forward.

 I think these were the air pressure settings for my Aprilia.

 The last owner scribbled on the walls too.

 I'm guessing the above pic is notes for an ignition switch.

 None of it matters because its all gone now. A coat of black paint insured that. A coat of grey was slung at the door and trim. The 4 x 8 sheet on the saw bucks is my new tool board and will hang in the void on the pictured wall. It was either a tool board or a Jimi Hendrix black light poster. The tools won but black light posters would be cool, or at least I thought they were cool when I was a kid. Anyway, laying out how I want tools hung on that board is a task I'm thinking will suck to get just right but maybe I'm just over thinking the whole thing. I'll use wood screws as hooks to hang up whatever tools are homeless and change it as needed. 
 I started to lower the two speakers from the rafters and mount them on the newly painted walls. It then occurred to me I had an entire surround sound system stored in the basement so those speakers are now hanging in the garage. I'm waiting on some speaker wire I ordered to finish with the jams.
 The to-do list still includes hanging a whole bunch of other crap on the walls, lowering the garage door openers, venting the attic, ducting the furnace, insulating and paneling the ceiling and prep/paint the floor. Other projects include shelving, cabinets, tool storage solutions and cleaning out that parts room. 
 What started out as replacing two garage doors has turned into a big project. I should have seen the writing on the walls.


Sunday, June 21, 2020

So Much Stuff-Garage Makeover Part 2

 We're not gonna get into that whole part 2 or part 5 monkey business like last weekends post. Just know that this is a continuation of the same project. There is so much stuff in the garage and I have to keep moving it from wall to wall to gain access to each new phase. They postponed our citywide anything goes bulk pickup day this spring and thats gonna work in my favor cuz I plan to lighten the load and wasn't ready by the original earlier date. It just doesn't make sense to save a $5 part for fifteen years because I might need it some day. If I'm in the right mood on pickup day, there will be a big mess out by my curb (but not in my shop, garage, parts room or sheds).
 My plan is to get a lot of the stuff I am keeping to hang on the walls. I'm not quite to that stage yet but getting close. Check it out:


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

This Bugs Me

 I need to wash my bike! The above pics were taken last week and it has been my intent to clean this bike but stuff happens and a guy gets busy. When you're busy, other stuff doesn't happen and here is the bike as of yesterday.

  I could sit here and tell you about how I promise to get the bike clean by a certain date or whatever but the fact is I'll probably just hit it with the leaf blower before the next ride. I've got some pressure washing to do on the house so maybe I'll hit it then. On the other hand I could polish it and check the forecast before each ride and never go out when the bugs are heavy. Ya right.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Garage Makeover Part 1, Or 4?

 I've been telling you about my garage makeover for a couple weeks now so how is this part 1? If I called it part 2 you'd be wondering where part 1 is and never find it.  Here is a link to the last time I talked about it with the attic ladder and air compressor install, which is technically part 3, and a link to the post about replacing the garage doors which in part contains part 2, and also a link to the actual part one video where I add some support to the ceiling. I couldn't call that vid part 1 because at the time I didn't realize there would be any more parts. So this video called part one is really part 4 but I only talk about work and don't perform any so is it a part at all? You decide.