Sunday, January 24, 2016

Boring Job

 No I'm not talking about my employment. I'm referring to the fact that my BSA cylinders need to be bored out. I thought I'd be able to just run my hone through them and order the same .020 over pistons that were in there. Well, by the time I got the rust pitting and scratches out, I was past the service limit for 20 over pistons. The next oversize available is .040 and I'm not gonna punch the cylinders out that far with my little deglazing hone. There are a few local shops that can handle this job and I called on Jim at Modern Motorsports in Ripon to help me out.
 I ordered the pistons, rings, gaskets and some other parts from a place out of Michigan call British Only. Before shipping my stuff they called me to discuss my order. They were very helpful and obviously knowledgeable about brit bikes. I experienced good customer service and got my stuff in a few days.

 In other BSA news, I've ordered the special left hand helicoil, tap and die needed to repair my front axle. Years ago I tried removing the front tire and horsed the front axle until it moved. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was a lefty and it stripped the threads in the fork tube lower. That tube is steel and this should be an easy repair.
 As I write this I have another tab open on my 'puter. Its the website for the Eastwood company. I'm just waiting for them to send me a coupon code so I can order the paint needed for the BSA engine. Sure I could roll down to the local auto parts store and pick up a can of engine paint but I want something that will look good and be able to handle an occasional  fuel spill (read leaky carbs). They offer a two part high temp ceramic engine paint that I've heard is pretty good. They also offer that two part paint in a special spray can. I'll ordered it in both spray and brush on configurations.
 This is a low budget build. It's not a show bike but I want it to look good while pinching pennies where ever possible. One area I have to address that could be costly is the exhaust system. What I have is basically roached from head to tail pipe. It has rust and deep scratches and is in no way presentable. I have a few ideas that may or may not include header wrap and maybe the take off mufflers from my Ultra. I'm not really sure yet but the wrap is on the way. If I don't use it on the BSA then it'll go on the sportster over the burnt on gunk that used to be my riding pants.
 I'm starting to think this might actually be the year I ride this bike again.


  1. The Lightning was my first love - unrequited unfortunately. So I am looking forward to seeing this one back on the road.

  2. Cool. The tap, die and helicoil arrived today so I guess I'm one step closer.