Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Clean Air

 I'm in parts gathering mode trying to secure everything I need to build a small spray booth in my workshop. This means I need a general idea of what I want to accomplish and I think I have that but a paint booth is something new to me. I toss the idea around with others and pick their brains for things I may have overlooked. In doing so, my dad offered me an air filtration unit he was no longer in need of.

 I think I can make this work but I do need to take a closer look at the motor and make sure I'm not gonna be igniting paint fumes.
 I have an air compressor that will be incorporated with the spray booth but not actually in the room itself. I see they now make plastic air line similar to pex water lines. I need to do some research there but running flexible lines would make life pretty simple.
 Another consideration is the actual small size of my shop and the fact that a 32" or greater door will swing into my bike lift. I'm in search of a rat door. Rat door? Ya, a trashed sliding patio door that still slides decent but may have a cracked pane or other problems. "Gear head on a budget", don't cha know.

 This is where the magic is gonna happen. The room is nine feet wide so the booth will be 9 x 4 feet. I think that will be more than big enough to paint motorcycle and outdoor power equipment parts. I also have an idea to convert a blast cabinet into something I can clean parts with liquid or spray solutions and blow with compressed air. All the while keeping the fumes out of the shop. No more catching a buzz on carb cleaner.

 That's all I have about the spray booth but I wanted to share this pic of a weed wacker muffler. The exhaust was so plugged up with carbon and oil residue that the machine would not run. I went at it with a torch to burn the crud out of it and Al came over and suggested that once the carbon was burning on its own I should turn off the torch flame and just feed it oxygen. Oh boy, that got things heated up. By the time I whipped my phone out for a pic the muffler had cooled down to what you see here. I thought the whole thing was gonna be a puddled of tears on the floor and I was gonna have to replace the muffler but things worked out quite well. The little trimmer runs like new again!


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