Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shooting Rats

 Just sendin the .177 down range and killin rats. OK, really it was target practice with a co2 bb piston in my garage.

 The rats were just Greasy Shop Rag stickers but it was fun just the same. It reminded me of when I was a kid and we had the lever action bb rifles. We would patrol the yard just looking for an excuse to pull the trigger. Its fun shootin stuff when it can't shoot back. I say that because I remember if one of the neighborhood kids had a welt from taking a round, there was always a second kid with a matching wound. Revenge is sweet.

 A while back we had some birds find their way into our basement. Getting them out was a serious problem. That's when I bought this particular bb piston. It made bird removal just a matter of picking them up and throwing them away. A shot gun would have been a bit much for inside work like this plus clean up would have sucked.

 I didn't ride this week. The weather has been crap with cold, wind and rain. I made it a point to do "truck things", like hauling schtuff too big for the bike, so I wouldn't need the truck next week. We'll see how that works out.
 I did ride the sportster two blocks to the kwiky mart the other night to pick up supplies. Chips, dip, bananas and scratchers if I remember right. Lost on the lottery tickets and lost on the dip too. I forgot to refrigerate after opening and my wife threw it out. Bought some more the next day and forgot to put that one in the fridge too. Funny, I won't buy that dip again but I plan on playing the lottery some more. Anyway the point of mentioning the sportster was to say this. Just when you start thinking "what am I gonna do about this bucket of bolts" you walk out of the store to find a small crowd gathered around your bike leaving their dna all over it. At least someone is happy with the way it looks.


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