Wednesday, February 14, 2018

More Hutch

 I've been struggling with the need for some sheet metal to finish my hutch project. Oh sure I could just run down to any heating and cooling contractor and buy the material but then again I could have just went out and bought a hutch. The point is trying to use existing crap and keep costs down. Its also kinda fun to see how junk can be turned into useful items.
 What you see here are a parts furnace and a working furnace ready to go if the house furnace takes a shit. What I see is the donor for the outer skin of my hutch. I did some measuring and should be able to get all this pieces needed with only a couple small screw holes in the back panel. I'm ok with that. The other advantage of using this furnace is that once stripped I can salvage a few parts and easily haul the remainder away. This one has a cracked heat exchanger.

 Except for the skin, I think the hutch is about done. Lining the inside with pegboard was pretty easy with the use of a few tabs to space the panels where they needed to be.

 I've added a power strip and my led lighting.

 The top will have a rubber mat to prevent stuff from scratching the paint and sliding off. I'm sure plenty of "stuff" will end up on there. I may add a shelf on the left side and need to pick up some peg board hooks. The only other thing I can think of is some type of shelf or docking station to charge my phone while at work. I was thinking it could sit on the front just above the key pad. What else? Possibly a bluetooth speaker. Possibly a slide rail so a laptop can be brought out forward for easier use. Oh, I need to find a handle for the door. I guess that about covers it but I feel I'm forgetting something. Ah yes, to my wife, Happy Valentines Day Sweetums!


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