Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sportster Seeks Hibernation

  On Sunday I was cleaning the garage. Ya I know, I've been cleaning the garage for months now but this time I was carrying large items to the curb for bulk pickup on Monday. The city had skipped the Spring pickup due to the coof so I had more stuff than normal. My neighbors did too and it shows. Driving down our street looks like a natural disaster hit and everything was moved to the street for cleanup. Relieving myself of those bulk items like half a dozen old doors created some extra space in my "parts room" and my plan was to create enough room for the Sportster to hibernate in there this winter.

 The weather is getting cold enough that I'm gonna choose the Ultra with its windshield, heated grips and seat before I swing a leg over the sporty just to freeze my ass off so the decision was made to put it away. First I needed to drain the gas and on this bike its quite easy.

 The rag protecting the paint on the engine was overkill. I swear I didn't even spill one drop. After the gasoline was removed I added a quart of canned fuel. In this case I used 50:1 mixed fuel. A little extra lube on the top end won't hurt a thing and in fact is a regular practice by some old timers. Thats all I plan to do except for trickle charging the battery while its in storage. I feel theres a good chance the bike may get worked on this winter and at that time I can mess around with regular maintenance bullshit. One other thing I might want to work on is this oil leak.


 Before I painted the garage floor this would have been a bunch of oil stains. With the painted floor they wiped up with just a dry rag and nothing else. I'm really enjoying the garage makeover.

 Because the sporty is so narrow I was able to just roll it through the door into the parts room. 

 Here is its winter home. 

 Last year the bike sat in the greenhouse. I've had a table in that space all summer and was using it to store garage stuff during the makeover. My wife is currently using that table for some crafting projects and it would be selfish of me to try to reclaim that spot just to store a motorcycle.

 Besides, I already have a bike in the living room. 


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