Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Garage Update

  If you've been following my video posts then you may have noticed that my fresh remodel of the garage was looking like a hot mess. The work bench was 6 layers deep with tools, parts, scraps and rags. The floor was trashed too with metal grindings, wood shavings and general grunge. The routine the last few weeks had been to just "git er done" and skip the cleanup process so I decided to dedicate an afternoon to cleaning the garage. The first step had to be warming it up.

 The remodel included insulation and its been about 45 degrees in there even though the outside thermometer had been hovering around 20 degrees. For my cleaning efforts I wanted it a bit warmer.

 I don't remember if I ever showed the heat source for the garage but its basically one duct coming from the furnace in the other room. Its normally set up to just deliver a trickle of heat whenever the heat kicks on in that other room. To warm it to 60 took about 20 minutes and is just a matter of closing a few registers in that other room. This gives full heat to the garage but I do have to be careful not to leave it this way as the thermostat is in the other room. Ya I know thats a lot of "other rooms" but I'm just gonna send it.

 Big deal, so now its warm in the garage. Time to start cleaning. For the most part it was just a matter of putting things back into the places I've created for them during the remodel. A couple of nails were pounded to hang a few more things on the walls but the big job was washing the floor. This was the first time getting a close look at how the painted floor was holding up and I was surprised at how its not really scratched or chipped.

 There are a lot of inconsistencies in the paint but thats all on me. Between stretching the paint to cover and piss poor application of sprinkles the floor could look a lot better. I have this thought that maybe next year or the following I'll lightly grind the sprinkles and apply another coat. The reason is because a painted floor really is a game changer when it comes to working out there. It feels like I'm working in the house or a man cave and not out in a garage with a greasy floor. Its also easy to find dropped parts and its inviting to sit on when working on vehicles. Messes clean up easily as well and another bonus is now that I've washed the floor it smells nice in the garage. The grease, ass, dirt and stale beer smells are all gone and it smells like a spring flower garden!

 Overall this garage remodel has been awesome. I'm doing projects here at home that I might have taken to work just to be more comfortable. No I don't have a ton of space and it would be nice to have a free bay during the winter but the truth is that no matter how big you go its never big enough. Once summer rolls around again I'll park the big ass station wagon outside and get that free bay for bikes and other projects. Until then I'm enjoying the warm clean space that I didn't have before the makeover.


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