Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shuttin er down for the night

 I went to work this morning and when I got home messed around with some car maintenance this afternoon. When I found out my wife was going out of town overnight to visit one of our daughters, I decided it would be a prime time to get some work done on the sportster.
 If you remember, I needed a soldering tip for my gun. I decided to fire up the rat turd and make the 35 mile round trip to the nearest open hardware store despite the cool 40 degree temps. The ride was nice.
 Here's where everything goes south. I was going to install a new brake light switch in the handlebar when I heard a "tink". Crap, something fell out of the throttle control assembly. It didn't take long to notice I dropped a cable ferrule. You know, that little brass piece that fits over the cable end. I think it bounced off the bike and landed in the shag carpet. I searched and searched but can't find it. Its frustrating because I plan to remodel this shop soon. I even have the floor paint sitting right here next to me. I wanted to get this electrical situation buttoned up before I moved the bike just so I wouldn't have these kinds of problems. GRRRRR!
 Fine. Its a 89 cent part. I'll order a new one later. Keep pushing on. The plan is to cut the old switch off and solder the new switch wires (pre wired) to the old wires and pull them through the existing harness. First I need to put my new tip on the solder gun. Sumbitch. I bought the wrong tip. Now I'm really pissed off.
 My thought is to just push the whole project out into the garage and start the remodeling project here in the workshop. I'm sick of this mess. There's enough space in this room if I just organize it right.

I just spent another half an hour looking for that stupid little piece.

If it didn't hit the floor, I don't know where it went. I searched the bike and can't see it. I'm gonna look one more time.

 If it is laying in the carpet it would look the the other one laying here in the pic. The screwdriver is pointing at it. Ya, that little dot about an inch from the screwdriver tip.

 Screw it. I'm pullin the pin. Gotta run out and get some beer.

 I started moving crap out of the shop last night. Wow there is a lot of stuff in here. A lot of it is gonna go. I want a fresh start in here. I'm gonna pick away at this project a little at a time. Theres really no reason to rush the sportster project because the rat turd seems to be running fine. Its gonna be in the 50's today so a ride is in order. I also wanted to adjust the valves on the subaru today but I think all my feeler gauges are at work. Ya, thats it, first I will spend some time cleaning this shop, then I'll ride to work to get the gauges, then come back and fix the car.
 Sounds like a plan.


  1. Your weekend sounds busy. But I agree; without your wife and daughter at home, this is the best time to clean your shop and do some maintenance work for your car. So, how was it?

    Jamie Ladson @ Georgetown Exxon

  2. Ya know Jamie, that was 5 weeks ago but I'm pretty sure I gutted the shop that day. Never got around to the valve adjustment till jus the other day. Everything was in spec but the car still ticks pretty loud when cold. Want to buy a used subaru?