Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-55 Willys

 There was a time when I was into 4x4 trucks. I had big and small jeeps, a v8 Land Cruiser and full size pickups. Trail riding, mud drags, ice racing, I was into it all. Even on the day my wife and I married, it seemed like a good idea to involve trucks.

Yes this was taken on our wedding day. Yes thats us in a truck parked in a river.

 My favorite truck was a '55 Willys pickup. When I bought this truck it was a completely stock runner.

 The 6 cylinder engine wasn't gonna be enough for what I wanted to do. The frame was rusty and the suspension would never have enough travel for decent off roading.

 I decided the best way to upgrade this truck was to just put the cab and box on a modern chassis. At some point I added a hoist. I can't remember why I took the step side box off but it sure looked a lot better than this wooden flatbed.

 The engine was a chevy 383 stroker. The truck had such goodies as a hydraulic winch, belt driven air compressor, decent sound system and red/white zebra pattern interior.

 This is the only other pic I have of the truck. I think this was an Independence day parade in my home town.
 For me a big part of bikes and trucks is the building stage. I spend a lot of time figuring out what I want and then try to build it on a budget. It seems that after some time of enjoying my project, I have the urge to start another one. The new project is usually initially funded by the selling of the old project and that was the fate of my '55 Willys.

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