Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maiden Voyage 2014

 Sunday night I decided it was time to slap the sportster back together enough to enjoy it a bit during this warm weather. It was really just a matter of finishing up some wiring and putting exhaust, fuel tank and a few other pieces back on. A quick look in the oil tank revealed it was empty. I have no idea where the oil went. I suspect gremlins.
 Monday morning I decided it was time to take it for a quick shake down run. I ran up the street and topped off the fuel tank. I then went around the "block",  about a five mile ride. I don't wear a helmet for these type of rides just so I can listen to things and get a feel for any potential problems. Part of this ride is slow, part is open and fast and part is bumpy. When I got to the bumpy part I heard something that didn't sound right from the front end. As I glanced down I saw this:

 Hmmm...the top caliper bolt is loose and the bottom bolt is missing. Not good. I nursed the bike home and started looking in the shop for the bolt. Obviously I never tightened them but I didn't know if I had even installed the bottom one or if it was on the road somewhere. The whole time I was thinking what a dumbass I was for heading out without checking the bike over better. My head was all wrapped around the big bore kit install and not the rest of the bike.
 The bolt isn't in the shop where I would have expected it to be. Its a special shoulder bolt so no sportster bike ride today if I can't find it. I hopped on the Rat Turd and retraced my path. About three quarters of the way around the "block" I saw something that wasn't a stick, car dropping or part of a squashed squirrel. I pulled over and sure enough there was my bolt!

 When I got home I reinstalled the bolt and took another test ride. The front brake works now. For a motorcycle they suck in comparison to any other bike. I've been on skateboards that scrubbed off speed faster. Oh well, brakes are still on the to-do list.
  A ride later that day revealed a few more loose bolts. I think I got em all tight now. I'm riding the bike to work today. It feels good to be back into a pattern that involves riding every day.

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  1. Missing bolt??? What did you expect....its a HARLEY. LOL