Sunday, June 1, 2014

Random Rat-Suzuki

 Another sighting from the May 4th Slimey Crud Run. This one is an '82 Suzuki 650.

 I'm not sure how to categorize this bike.  Its not a survival bike or traditional rat, but like my Rat Turd, it's a deliberate rat. Personalized to please the owners tastes. If there is a name for this please let me know what it is.
 The owner, Matt,  told me its a work in progress. Well really they all are but this one is in a early stage of metamorphosis. Wannabe whitewalls and a really sweet sounding exhaust set it apart. The expanded metal is a nice touch I can relate to.

 While it already has character of its own, I think this one has potential to become a full blown rat. Its really just needs a little more time invested. I'm not sure if its headed in that direction as Matt says the only things planned for it are some motor work, paint and a lot of riding. I'll be looking for it at the fall Slimey Crud Run.

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