Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Packing Issues

 I've got issues. I think this goes toward my bike packing problem. I always think I need an extra (whatever) just in case.

 On the far left is my home furnace. The two furnaces on the right are extras. One complete and one for parts.

 At the time of this pic I owned all three of these Subarus. Hey, they're practical little efficient awd cars that are ideal for Wisconsin wintery travel.
 Our laundry room has two sets of washers and dryers...just in case. I have three laptops. Instead of hauling one around, I have one at work, one in the shop and one next to my recliner. They are all linked to a cloud along with my smart phone.
 Maybe I just like having a back up plan.
 So here is my problem. There's no room for a back up plan with the sportster. I'm gonna be on the road nine days and its certainly gonna rain. I get wet every year I do this trip. Having the right gear has always allowed me to ride all day through any weather. Having storage space has always allowed me to bring warm, cold or wet weather gear.
 Right now I'm thinking about just bringing more bungee cords. My sissy bar is plenty strong and if the sun is shining I'll just lash the jacket and pants to the bar. If its wet I'll be wearing them. The other option is bringing my Frogg Toggs. They are light weight rain gear that can keep you dry although they won't keep you warm. Heavy rain at hiway speed with no windshield and the wrong jacket can be miserable.
 There's a part of me that wants to just throw a leg over and ride. Too bad I have to be back to work on a certain day. It would be nice to be able to just wander around the country without a schedule. I know how my daughter must feel. She is hiking the appalachian trail. A bad muscle pull has ended her chances of completing the trail before she has to be back to work in september. She has now decided to just enjoy the trail and her time off without the pressure of the goal.
 As for my vacation ride, I think I'll make a daily post here. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Squag will be home Friday! She has decided to cut her time on the trail short. She will be working for a friend that has some medical issues. It will be nice to have her back home for a while until she moves into her apartment. I'll try to get her to write something up about her hike.


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