Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Turn up the Heat

 Somehow I became the guy at work that gets asked to fix heaters. I'm certainly not the most qualified but it always seems to fit into my schedule better than the other guys in the shop.  We are currently under an unusual cold snap so I'm envious of anyone living in a warm climate right now. Looking at the US weather map, it seems we all are feeling the frigid grip of old man winter.
 The heaters I am asked to work on come in various forms, shapes and sizes using many different types of fuel. Today I was working on a small propane unit. The whole dang thing had to be torn down to get at the pilot light jet. I was feeling like this was a lot of work for fixing such a simple heater and it seemed like there was a lot of stuff crammed in a small space.

 "whuth thith do? Howz come you got one of theze in there?" -a line you hear in our shop every so often.

 Working on this reminded me of something I saw many years ago during bike week in Florida.

 Now that's a heater! My little project didn't have as many tubes and hoses as this bad boy but it felt like it for a while.
 It's funny how the mind (my mind anyhow) wonders. I got to relive a warm vacation while turning wrenches for a paycheck.
 It snowed last night. Not a lot but enough that we'll have to do some salting. Gotta go!

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