Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top Ten List-Rat Bikes

Top ten reasons to build a rat bike.

#10...You don't need painting skills to paint a rat. Hell, you don't even need
          paint! Undercoating or bedliner will do just fine.
#9...Bad welds are ok on a rat.
#8...Mistakes can be left unfixed.
#7...You'll clean up the garage of all those mixed spare parts laying around.
#6...It takes too long for a normal bike to become a rat on its own.
#5...No need to spend money on soap, wax or polish.
#4...Chicks dig rats (or is that tats?)
#3...If you dump it, that will only make it more of a rat.
#2...You can express yourself in ways unacceptable on a "clean" road bike.

And the #1 reason to build a rat bike...Rats rule!

In other news...
I'm not a big fan of "crust". Pie, pizza, bread and even pancakes. What?

 Ok before you call the looney bin to have me committed I need to explain. The night before I ate a calzone the size of a large pizza folded in half plus two fist sized meatballs. During this breakfast at the Pancake House in Milwaukee, I had just polished off a sausage and cheese omelette the size of my head plus some red skin potatoes. I was just picking at the pancakes and when I got to the point where I couldn't eat another bite, this is what was left. I got a few funny looks but so what.
 It's funny the things I think are picture worthy.

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