Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-Scum

 Sometimes when fixing saws I like to make a guess what the problem is then investigate. When I'm right it saves a lot of time. If I'm wrong then I go back and diagnose it one step at a time.
 This carb wasn't supplying fuel to the engine and I had a good idea why. After opening up the carb I found this:

 If you're not sure what is wrong with this carb then I'll zoom in a bit for you.

 It's not unusual to find this screen plugged up with debris. Usually it's dirt or broke down fuel line. In this case I'm not sure what got into the fuel supply to create this scum that plugged the micro screen in this carb. It looks like a mix of oil and water.

 I take these pics because a lot of times customers just don't believe what I'm telling them. It's just the world we live in now. Everyone thinks they are getting ripped off or someone else is to blame. The customer claims to have used a clean fuel supply and quality oil so they can't believe this would be the problem. We talked about ethanol and I advised him to check his fuel can for evidence of water. I never heard back. You can make your own conclusions as to what that means.
 So, what have we learned here? First we learned chainsaws won't run on white scum. Second, we learned I get paid to make a few guesses what the problem with your saw might be and paid more to take pics and see if I was right. That's right, livin the dream.

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