Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blank Slate

 What's up? My wife is gone on a ten day cruise so I've been keeping busy in the shop, right? Sadly, no. Kegger party every night...not. Instead, yesterday I drove down to Madison to visit my daughter. We had a nice visit but a bit too short.

 I've also been doing some online training in preparation for an upcoming service school. I've been to a few Husqvarna service schools and I'm familiar with their line but this is an Echo/Shindaiwa school. I just want to make sure I have a clue about their engines before I go to a school called "Advanced Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis".  Ya they all work pretty much the same way but I am picking up a few quirks specific to their line.

 I have been giving a lot of thought to a new fuel tank for the Rat Turd. I know I've brought this up before but I think I may scrap any previous ideas and go a different route. The tractor grill idea is starting to bore me.

 So what I have here is a blank slate. I want to build a tank from scratch. A lot of ideas have been sloshing around between my ears. Some include multiple cylinders and chambers. Others are just weird shapes. One idea even includes a mix of steam punk and barbed wire. Odds are the end result will be a combination of all of these. I'll collect potential building materials for a while until one day it just happens. It's nice not being under the pressure of a schedule.

I woke up this morning to a picture message from my wife:

 It looks warm and I know she is enjoying it. I looked out my window and saw a fresh blanket of snow. It looks like about 3-4". I'll be enjoying it later when it stops and I go out plowing. That means I may miss some of the big game today. No biggie. I'm not cheering for either team. I'm just in it for the commercials this year.


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