Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rat Turd Exhaust

 Last week I told you about my homemade headers. This week I'll follow up with the rest of the exhaust system.

 Here you can see I routed all the head pipes to the right side of the bike. I built a collector and added a piece of 2 1/2" pipe to that.

 I was out of oil and didn't have any in the engine at this point because I had just sealed up an oil pan leak. Too bad because I wanted to hear how annoying this open pipe would have been.

 Here is the fart can I bought from a co-worker that needed the $20 more than I did. I put a rain flapper on top of the 4" outlet. My hanger bracket is mounted from the same hole the stock muffler was bolted to. The bracket is strong and cheesy, just like a rat bike bracket should be.

 Why is it crooked you ask? Well if it were straight there is a good chance the exhaust would blow right up into my helmet. I'm goofy enough breathing clean air, you don't want me on the road all hopped up on rat bike fumes. Another reason the muffler is on an angle is because I wanted it to be perfectly vertical when the bike was on the side stand. I don't "look" at bikes while I ride them, I look at them sitting still. I think it will look better this way.
 I'm not completely thrilled with the rain flapper and may swap it out for a 45 or 90 degree tail pipe facing to the right side. Once I get the bike outside and fired up I'll decide. If the flapper doesn't bounce at idle or make that cool clinking noise then I may just remove it in favor of an elbow.


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