Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Toy Hauler

 For years I've had a desire to replace my crappy old open trailer with something decent. Well a couple weeks ago I got a lead on a trailer at a dealer about an hour north of here. I drove up there and checked out what he had to offer.
 I was impressed with the quality of the trailers he had. I really wasn't looking for a full featured everyday use trailer but I was willing to spend the money on one if I could get a deal. Well after checking out what he had to offer I was ready to buy. I had a fist full of cash and was looking to haggle on price. He wasn't. Apparently he didn't need to sell a trailer that day because he wouldn't budge a nickel. All I wanted was for him to give me a deal on a spare tire or something. Anything. Nope. Well, screw it. I left his business and will never bother going back there.
 On the way home I passed M. Schettl Sales. You may remember me talking about them. They sell enclosed trailers so I swung in there to take a look. The salesman was cool. We talked bikes for a while before we ever discussed trailers. I apologize for forgetting his name.
 I told him what I wanted, how much I was willing to spend for it, and he made it happen. I got a good deal on a new trailer and left there happy. You should shop there too.

 It's a 6 x 10 plus 2 feet in the nose. It has a fold down rear ramp, LED lighting and a dome light inside. Just a basic trailer but that's all I need. I ordered some E-track so I have some place for tie downs. When I do that install I'll post again.


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