Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-Slow Days, not Snow Days

 Not much exciting happening at work. I've been busy putting together proposals for our fertilizer and weed control applications program. I enjoy taking care of that part of the business, I'm just not fond of sitting behind a desk all day.
 I did get a chance to do some wrenching yesterday but that was only so I could get my truck running enough to haul my ass to work. I was in a rush to get there because it started snowing. Turns out mother nature is a bitch and she suddenly quit dropping the white stuff. Nothing to plow. I know some of you are buried with snow but here we are a foot below average. You can see dirt in farmers fields. I don't think they ever opened the snowmobile trails here. It wouldn't suck as much if the weatherliars were even close on their forecasts but every time they predict a storm we just get a heavy dusting. The crust in my underwear can do a better job of predicting the weather.


 I added this pic just because it makes me happy. Thanks Frank. It reminds me of vacation fun with friends and twisty roads. It also reminds me that we are only a few weeks or so out from riding season and I haven't touched this bike all winter. I'll get right on that. Yep.

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