Sunday, June 28, 2015


 Here in Princeton WI we celebrated Independence Day with fireworks and festivities in the city park last night. This always happens the Saturday before the 4th even if the 4th is a Saturday. Don't ask me why, I don't make the rules.
 Let me back up a bit. Today started with  half day of work. I spot sprayed about 80 gallons of roundup through a hose from a tractor mounted sprayer. This all went on one large commercial account. My mission was to eliminate rogue weeds in sidewalk cracks, flower beds, loading docks, parking lots, and anywhere else they didn't belong. If 80 gallons of spot spraying seems like a lot, you're right. It's a big place.
 I punched out around noon and rode the bike home where I picked up my bride. We enjoyed the sunshine while on a nice bike ride. We managed to piss away the afternoon and got back to the house around 5. It's my daughter Parkers birthday and we wanted to take her out to dinner so Parker got into her gear and I took her on a ride about 45 minutes away. My wife met us there in her car. We enjoyed a nice meal on the water and then rode home.
 Now it was just a matter of waiting for it to get dark and watching the fireworks.


  We've been in this house 18 years and raised three daughters here and every year it's the same thing. Find some chairs or blankets, hose down with bug dope, mix up some adult beverages and walk down to the school field where the fireworks are being set off. There's a band playing in the park and they can be heard equally as well from my house or the spot we watch the fire works so we can hear the music all night. I enjoy this tradition and wonder if we will do it next year when there are no kids left in the house.
 Actually, now that the last child is leaving, I wonder how much things might change around here.

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  1. nice family tradition for your memories. Happy birthday to Parker! You raised three good girls, now go play