Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wet Ride

 I've mentioned that my wife and I have been spending a lot of time on our new Ultra Limited. I say "our" bike because if I say "my" bike then I have four bikes. I think four must be too many because I've been hearing talk about selling one. Good thing this one is "ours" and "I" only have three bikes.
 On a recent ride we encounter some light rain. Those of you that know me and my riding habits know that I don't stop for rain. As we pushed on the rain got heavier. I'd say we rode about forty miles in the rain and for a while we were in wet conditions that rivaled some of the heaviest rain I've ever encountered.
 I fully expected to hear some major grumbling from the rear seat. Instead what I heard was laughing. Maybe she was crying? No, this was clearly laughing. Kinda weird laughing like that you might expect to hear coming from a room with padded walls. I turned and asked her how she was doing back there and if we should stop. She said she was ok but if there was a convenient place to pull under shelter that would be ok too. As we rolled into a small town I spotted an empty parking lot with a small open steel structure. I eased the Ultra under cover and we dismounted.

  Ya we were pretty wet but the worst only happened when we slowed down in town. On the hiway we did alright. We were having fun and I guess it's because we are sharing moments together that we haven't had in many years.
 We've been thinking about places to visit just for an excuse to ride. I think one of them might have to be to a bike shop to purchase some rain gear.

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