Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last Ride of the Year?

 As I sat in my workshop yesterday I couldn't help but notice the sun piercing through the window. A quick glance at the thermometer told me it was only 40 degrees out. Cool weather has never stopped me from riding, but the Ultra was in need of an oil change. Maybe after that task was complete it would be a bit warmer and I could eat up some miles.
 Well despite the suns best efforts, it never really warmed up much. I got the gear on anyway and hit the road.

 I like riding when it's cooler outside. Who am I kidding? I like riding in any weather but when it's cool it makes wearing all that gear more comfortable. Lately I've been dressing for the weather rather than for a crash so when it's cold I'm dressed like a safety nazi. I don't know if I push it any harder in the turns but I know I'm more comfortable, so ya, maybe a little.

 It's a bit cold for an action shot while riding plus setting the cruise and squeezing off a pic before the next turn can be difficult. So you get these random shots. The trees are bare, the fall color is gone and the leaves have blown clear from the road. I did a little over 200 miles on a nice combination of deep back roads, county roads and even a high speed dash down the interstate. I saw one other bike and it was sitting in front of a tavern. I don't make any judgments about a shiny HD in front of a bar. Mine was. On the return side of the loop I stopped at my favorite mexican bar to pick up some food and haul it home. An easy chore on the big rig. I had an "encounter" with a deer on that last leg of the trip. It wasn't close or anything like that but I was pleased to notice that my panic reaction on the brakes was to use both the front and rear. That's not something I always do on this bike with its floorboards.
 So was this the last ride of the year? I hope not. As long as the temps are above freezing and they haven't used any salt on the roads yet you'll see me out there. It's supposed to be even warmer today. The wife and I are gonna ride to breakfast, so maybe I'll see you out on your scoot.

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