Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

 A couple of posts back I showed you an Automower display I was working on. Here I am in action at a show working my ass off trying to sell mowers. The "display" worked great in this outdoor setting and drew a lot of attention.

 Such an honest face. Wouldn't you buy a mower from me? I almost had one sold to an Amish dude till we got to the part about plugging in the charging station. Details, details. We did sell a few of them at the store this week and I have to wonder if this show had any influence on those sales.

 In other news, the Yukon has been running good. I should clarify.

 Power steering fluid is running out of the Yukon. The drips in the middle are normal straight line steering. The big arc of oil is when the wheel is pinned to one side. The dealer will take a look at it next Wednesday. They did right by me with the BMW when it needed a front differential. Lets see how they handle this problem. Otherwise I'm diggin the big station wagon. Adequate power, smooth ride, plenty of storage and I feel comfortable in it. The first tank of fuel revealed a 17 mpg average. Thats up 5 mpg from my last ride. I'm good with that.


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