Sunday, April 14, 2019

Somewhere Different

 Thats been the theme lately. We like to get out to different places to dine and anytime we get a recommendation my wife and I will try it out.
 One such recommendation led us to Jimmies White House Inn in Butte des Morts. The town is small but we've learned a long time ago that some of the best food and service comes from these small establishments.

 When we pulled up it was obvious this place had been here a long time. Upon entering you step into a bar area which is the case in many older bar/restaurant establishments around here. There was a hostess station but no hostess. A "wait to be seated sign" had us standing there for a couple awkward minutes with no greeting from the bar tender and just some glances from the locals.

 I started checking out the decor which turned out to be a civil war collection but I could see in my wifes face that we were just about to walk out when the hostess hurried up front to greet us. I believe it was simply a case of us being a bit earlier than the rush and her having something else to do. She asked if we'd ever been here and when we replied no she confidently informed us we would enjoy the visit. As it turns out she was right. I had prime rib and I forget what cut of meat my wife had but I sampled it and thought it delicious. The food and service were both good once we were seated. My wife likes to handle the tipping so I don't even always look at the bill as was the case last night. She did mention that it was cheaper than expected.

 "Cheesecake to go" is always taken if available. These two monster sized pieces of orange dreamsicle came home with us. I was only able to get through half of my piece and am looking forward to finishing it up tonight.
 Don't judge whats on the inside based on appearance and location. The White House Inn offers casual dining, good food and service at a reasonable price. We'll go back.


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