Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Squish 3.0

 Squish version 1.0 has been reborn as Mowby Dick, the Automower that cuts my lawn. He started life cutting grass at the shop but some contractors backed over him with their skid loader, hence the name Squish. I think that was the first one we named. Squish 2.0 has never been squashed but he replaced the first Squish so version 2 was a natural. We have a lot of mowers out their and calling them by their pet names makes identifying them easier.
 I suppose the longer I'm involved with Automowers, the more I'll see this. Its a smashed mower and whether its rebuilt or not it will forever be referred to as Squish 3.0.

 These things are built of a durable material capable of withstanding everything Mother Nature can throw at them short of a falling tree limb. That material is plastic. Its light weight and high strength along with some flexibility make it ideal for this type of equipment. I remember when I was a kid, if something new came out and was made of plastic we just assumed it was junk. Maybe it was but plastic has come a long way. One thing its not capable of in this configuration is supporting the weight of a car. This poor machine was backed over in an accident that never should have happened when a car backed deep into the lawn to get turned around. Schtuff happens and I'm not here to judge anyone, just report the outcome. 

 You might think it doesn't look that bad but the fact is that every major piece of the body is damaged, along with much of the internal gizmos. 

 I don't know yet what the fate of this machine will be but I suspect once all the junk pieces are tossed out, what remains will just be a few spare parts. In fact, from a repair/replace cost standpoint, its totaled.
Rest In Pieces Squish 3.0.


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