Wednesday, September 16, 2020

This Tool

  If you follow my video posts then you know that I was thumbing through a 1962 Sears catalog a while back and enjoying the tools section of that big book. I went back later and took a closer look at some of the tools and spotted something I had never seen before. Its Item #4 in the pic and I showed it to you in the video but I'm not sure how well it was visible. I know Ed recognized it.

Heres a closer look:

 Its a "speeder ratchet". The description says its a 3/8" drive, locks and spins left or right. For those that are familiar, did it only come in 3/8ths or were other sizes offered in later years.

 It has caught my interest and I'm gonna start keeping an eye open for one. Maybe I'll check out the local antique mall or flea market.

 Hey squirrel, quit harshin my buzz. I'll find one. They are old but I doubt they are rare. Ya know, buying the latest and greatest tools available is wonderful and does make my job easier but sometimes its this old stuff that keeps ya interested or sends you down memory lane. I'm not a tool collector but collecting a few odd pieces is kinda fun. At least I can still use the tools to create other projects and thats a good thing, eh?

 In other news, I got a phone call last night from a gentleman that was looking for some repair work. Years (decades) ago I fixed an old yamaha two stroke motorcycle for him. This time its a pair of 1999 Polaris snowmobiles. I'm told they are in pristine condition except for the fact they were never drained of fuel years ago on their last use. I warned him of the amount of work involved and told him I'd probably stop by to at least look at what he has.

 I need to finish cleaning my garage before taking on any side jobs. I'll keep you posted.


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