Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bright Idea

 It doesn't feel like mother nature is gonna let up much and give us an early spring but I'm feeling the pressure as the weeks go by. When I pulled the sportster into my little workshop I thought it would be the first of three bikes I was gonna work on this winter. Its now obvious to me that its the only bike I'm gonna work on this winter. I don't know why I'm feeling rushed, I'll ride the rat turd in early spring anyway before all the salt is washed from the roads. Thats the nice thing about having a bike painted in truck bedliner...salt really isn't much of a problem.

 I have the rear section of the sportster done. Sissy bar, tail lights, fender and license plate lighting. I also found a place for the air horn. The wiring for all this will terminate under the seat. I still need to add an outlet for my heated vest but thats no big deal.
 I've been looking at the wiring mess up front. My goal is to clean that up a bit. I plan to accomplish this by moving the idiot lights off the speedo mount, maybe running the turn signal wires through the headlight housing and terminating the connections under the tank rather than at the steering neck like it is now. I'll run an extra wire up the handlebars for future accessories. I also want to get some heated grips so I can't move forward on that wiring until I order them. I'm still undecided which style I want to go with.

 I've always said that if you don't ride at night then you're missing out on half a days worth of riding. For that reason I try to come up with the best lighting possible. The 5 3/4" light on it right now is cute but belongs on a bar hopper. I've had good luck with HIDs so right now I'm leaning toward a single 7" HID headlight. I'm hoping it will be a good balance between style and function.

 I see that the kits now offer slim ballasts. I want to cram the ballast and igniter both into the headlight housing. I'm not sure they will fit but I'm prepared to introduce my used yamaha headlight housing to my cut-off wheel. I'll make it fit.
 I'll get a kit ordered here soon and post the results. Meanwhile I really need to clean my little work shop.  I was considering more shelves but what I really need is less stuff.

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