Sunday, February 9, 2014

Old Honda in a Shed

 Last night my wife and I went to her employee appreciation party. We used to call these things Christmas parties, then Holiday parties. They also used to be held in December. Anyhow, things change. After the party some of her friends wanted to go bar hopping. We don't hop. I don't even walk very good lately.
 I don't remember what the attraction was to standing in a bar full of strangers having to shout to the person next to you because its so loud in there. We were packed in there elbow to elbow and couldn't even move around. The only time I can remember being that crowded was back in basic training when they stuffed us into the cattle trucks to move us around the base.
 Before the party we discussed not missing the bar scene. Last night we confirmed it. Oh sure, I had some fun at the party but I can think of more productive ways to spend my time. One thing that won't change is the fact that I'm getting old(er).

 So the other day I was digging through some pics and was surprised when I found this old Honda.

 I barely remember owning this bike. I know that's the inside of my shed. That cooler looks familiar and I still have that crappy old ladder. I just don't remember much about the bike. I know it didn't run and wasn't registered but I can't remember where it came from.

 Too bad I got rid of it because its just what I need for a project I want to do. You know, a stripped down minimally equipped cafe racer style bar hopper. Of course I won't use it for actual bar hopping but I think it would be a fun project. Something will come along.