Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wrap it up

 I have been looking for something to wrap the wires for the tail lights and license plate lights on the sportster. Actually I have been looking for a few weeks now. I didn't want to have to buy anything because I knew there must be something laying around. My problem was that I was looking for an actual wire protection product. When I started just looking for anything that would work my search quickly became successful.
 For the license plate lights I wanted something that would fit over the 1/4" hollow bolt that the wires come out of. I found what I needed but had to figure out how to harvest it.

 Its an old control cable from a snow blower. The thin plastic sleeve covering the metal spiral cable housing looked like it would be perfect but how was I gonna get it off of there?

 It turns out that if you clamp the metal housing in a vise and start stretching, the plastic cover slides right off. That five foot cable had about forty feet of spiral wound wire that was stretched out of the covering.

 I pushed the covering over the wires and onto the bolt on the back of the light. Then I put a small piece of heat shrink tubing over it to make it a little neater. It makes a clean water tight seal to protect the wires.
 The tail lights were done in a similar fashion except I needed a larger diameter covering so I used an old extension cord. I clamped the wires in a vise and pulled the cover off just like I did with the control cables. No pics because its just as boring as the last three photos.
 This all seems simple enough but until I found the covering for the wires, I couldn't do any of the wiring on the bike. Once I get these routed and wired under the seat I can start working on the rats nest of wires near the steering neck.

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