Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cleaned up shop

 So here's the scoop on my workshop...Its done! The green paint is all covered up with a fresh coat of white. The part thieving shag carpet is gone and I also tore down the nasty old curtains and hung some simple window blinds. The door was replaced with a wider one. It will make moving bikes in and out much easier while also keeping the polar vortex out of the shop.
 I'd like to get better organized and clean up some of the crap I had in here. Because everything was removed it will be easy to only bring back in the things I need and trash the rest. I added a few shelves up high for those things I just can't do without but are kept out of the way.
 One new addition to the room is a wall hanging shop vac. I have it hanging in a spot that will reach all corners of the room plus reach out the door for cleaning my wifes car. You see, this room is one bay of a three car garage. All the real messy work like grinding and welding happen out in the garage but having a vac in the shop will ensure a clean area for working on bikes.
 I still want to add some track lighting spot lights or something similar. I also might plumb an air line from my compressor into the room. There's a couple other little details I need to handle but the important part is that I can get back to working on the sportster.

  All the essentials in this pic. Tools, bike, tunes and mini fridge for beer. It was suggested that those shelves would make a nice shoe rack and that big red box would be nice for jewelry. NOT! This is a man cave.

 This desk is where I'm sitting now. Its where all the Greasy Shop Rag magic happens. I'm happy with the way it turned out. Oh sure if you're a carpenter you could come in here and pick out all the things I could have done different but this isn't a high dollar nascar garage. Its just a clean space where I can work on bikes.

Happy Easter!

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