Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Knees in the Breeze

 Mother Nature has been peeing on us this week but last week it was dry enough to get out and do some fertilizing. This meant I got to try out our new gizmo, the TurfEx RS7200e spreader/sprayer.  It's as close to riding a motorcycle as I'm gonna get while at work. Kinda like standing up on a dirt bike. I'm currently training co-worker James in this business so we took turns running it over five days. I managed to keep it on all four wheels the whole time. I can't say the same for James.
 If you remember from past posts, I started building something like this when the boss decided to buy new. No regrets, this machine is pretty cool. I can spread fertilizer and spray chemical at the same time. This is nothing new in the world of pesticide application, just new to me and it will take a little getting used to.

 Initial calibration was a bit messy as pointed out by fellow shop employees. I had fertilizer everywhere. I suppose if I would have read the owners manual first I could have made less mess but what fun is that? I plan to calibrate the sprayer tomorrow. That won't be messy at all as I can easily catch liquid as it comes out of the nozzles. Yep.

 The other big advantage of this machine is the potential of hauling it and my old spray rig on one trailer. This will allow me to handle any spraying or fertilizing situation plus help with training James. Much of my route includes single stops with multiple accounts. Two machines will be ideal.
 Now I just have to figure out how to get both these machines, a 400 gallon tank, a 200 gallon tote, pumps and a pallet of fertilizer plus assorted jugs of chemicals and bac pac sprayers all on my truck and trailer. I think its gonna be like one big jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit tightly together in just a certain way.


  1. I think you are gonna need a bigger truck.

  2. Somehow I don't think thats in the budget. The new spreader, two mobile printers, a new laptop and a trainee are gonna have to keep me satisfied. We'll make it fit even if James has to ride on the hood.