Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

 This was a gift from my middle daughter. Its nice having kids old enough to buy you booze. Sure beats a tie I'll never wear. Thanks Kenzo!

 In other news, I found out why the ABS light is on in the Rodeo.

 These little broken chunks are whats left of the abs sensor bolted to the front rotor.  I think I'm gonna keep the rodeo for now. After looking at whats out there and asking prices, I'm better off just throwing a few bucks at this one. At least I know whats in it and the history.

 I put a couple hundred miles on the sportster yesterday. The engine runs strong but vibes continue to shake the bike apart. The latest parts to come loose have been the rear brake pedal linkage, headlight bracket and both exhaust baffles.

 The good news is that anything that came loose and was reassembled with this product is holding tight.
 I plan to ride this bike to the BuRP rally in august. That gives me plenty of time to sort things out. From a mechanical standpoint everything is fine. I have a new clutch  to install but otherwise the bike works as it should.  What I need to sort out is the riding position. Its close but not quite right. I know a full day in the saddle would leave me feeling wiped out as opposed to the rat turd which is a joy to ride all day long. The answer may be as simple as putting the passenger pegs back on so I can move my legs around. More test rides are in order!

 I almost forgot. I saw this bike last week on hwy 33 east of Portage. I don't know if Dude from Baraboo follows this blog but I wonder if you have ever heard your bike fly by on the hiway. It sounds pretty cool!

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