Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Dummy Hung

 Last year I was going to post this pic.

The problem is that the pic doesn't really back up the story very well. This was an oh-shit moment that was inches from ending bad for me.

 This is what the same spot looks like with the grass cut and the bank trimmed. Notice the stumps right in the middle of the pic.

 I was brush-hogging this lot. I knew the creek was there but had no idea these stumps were hidden under the tall grass. I got dummy hung on the stumps. A combination of using the differential lock, four wheel drive and some rocking back and forth only got me closer to the creek. The front wheel is actually off the ground just hanging over the creek bank. The back wheel is sliding down the bank but a stump was now holding me up and preventing a roll over.

 Ya know, sometimes when you try to do a nice complete job for someone, all you get is lemons. Then when you make lemonade it tastes like piss. Oh well, I've been stuck worse. There was that time with my truck when the river was a bit deeper than I thought. I later learned to remove the fan belt before entering water that was almost carb deep. And how come its easy to get out into a marsh but very difficult to turn around and leave?  Anyway, I decided the best thing to do was call for help. Al came to the rescue with a 4wd pickup truck. The tractor came right out. Thanks Al!

 For the record, I don't like this piece of property.  I was on this lot recently with a smaller tractor and got hung on a different stump and nearly ended up in the same situation. This time I actually had creek water on the tires. The boys at the shop would have never let me hear the end of it if I got stuck again in the same lot.

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