Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tool Bag

 Its been about a week now since I put the sportster up on the lift. Not too much has happened but I did find a spot for the much needed tool bag.

 As you can see I bolted the license plate and plate illumination right to the leather tool bag.

 BEEP BEEP, I gotta back up here just a bit. When I was trying to figure out where to put the tool bag and saw this spot, I dismissed it because of the plate. My wife suggested putting the plate on the tool bag. I kindly notified her that putting the plate there was the dumbest thing I had heard in a while. I was probably just jealous that I didn't think of it. I kept on with the idea and made it work. Anyway, thanks for the idea, Honey.
  Now I know what you gear head types are thinking. First, yes, I ran the wires right into the back of the bag to the led lights. Second, those straps look stretched tight and that thing is gonna flop around. BUZZZZ. Wrong. The bag is bolted to the sissy bar and the straps just give it that "throw caution to the wind" look.
 I'm not thrilled with the look of these bags. They're like a man purse for a bike. Next thing you know I'll be hanging a bunch of leather fringe all over. Anyway, I already envision making a sort of hidden tool box in the depth of the sissy bar. It would finish off the front of the eagle into more of a 3d sculpture and extend down to the folding rack. This bag will have to do for now because the way parts are vibrating off this bike its much needed.


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