Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Crappy Day

 If you don't like whining then move your cursor up to the corner by that X and opt out cuz I had a crappy day.
 Even though I didn't know it at the time, I forgot to post this blog. I post every sunday and wednesday morning. I'm sure it would have been something wonderful, witty and enlightening.
 My windscreen on the Rat Turd was full of bug carcasses so I decided to clean it. Whatever I used looked fine at the time but once I got on the road and had to look through it, it was terrible. The ride into the sun for twenty miles sucked.
 I picked up my morning quart of orange juice but they were out of chocolate chip muffins. No biggie, its not much out of my way to get them somewhere else.
 Everything went wrong at work. I'm pretty sure that even though I didn't directly mess anything up, I didn't make the company any money today. I should have known when the first saw repair of the day was so old it still had points and condensor that the day would suck. Intermittent electrical issues were the tone of the day which was actually a better sound than the country music playing in the background.
 One machine wouldn't run right and kept killing. After an hour of diagnosing it turned out the owner had installed a non-resistor spark plug. In some cases this really makes a difference. I assumed the plug that was in it was correct but it wasn't.
 A machine that I had worked on this spring when we were super busy came back yesterday. The first time around I had battery voltage at the regulator but it wasn't charging. I put a regulator on it and it started charging like it should. Full stop. Bill
'em. NEXT. Wrong. Yesterday Greg and I were looking at it and to make a long story short, there was an intermittent connection at the fuse block. Greg fixed it and the machine works again. I decided that I need to slow down and take a few extra minutes looking over equipment when I work on it. I also need to take some of my own advice and always ask "why?" The biggest waste of time can be fixing something thats just the result of something else thats broke.
 Listen to me whine. Poor me. I rode my motorcycle to a job. Couldn't get the right flavor muffins. Didn't get yelled at for screwing up. Rode back to a house and flipped open a laptop to post a blog.

 I hate soap opera crap. There are people out there with real problems that get by every day without crying about it. Take a close look at your life and decide if you really have it tough or maybe just a few simple different decisions could make it better. Help yourself rather than waiting for help.

 OK, here's what I learned today.
1- Don't make assumptions. If you do, accept the consequences of having made a mistake.
2- Slow down. an extra few minutes aren't gonna matter. Its better to be slow and consistent than being fast but having to do it twice.
3- Ask yourself "why?" Often times you will find the root of the problem and save time in the long run.


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