Saturday, September 20, 2014

Watson Street Bike Show

 Yesterday I attended a bike show. The proceeds will help fund a local ice skating rink which seems like a good cause so I entered the Rat Turd. Well actually, I dropped the bike off early so I could go to work. I just told them to put it in whatever class needed another bike. I had no illusions of winning a trophy that day. Prep work on the bike consisted of hitting it with a pressure washer the night before only to ride it twenty miles on wet roads the next morning. I never got around to the big plans I had to build a custom front end, modify the exhaust or build a new fuel tank. Oh well. Those things are still on the to-do list.
 The judges pretty much got it right from a technical standpoint but my choices would have been a bit different. I guess if we all liked the same thing there would only be one bike in each class and everyone would be happy.

 This is a pretty cool cb750. I kept coming back to it. Clean and simple.

 Another Honda that grabbed my attention. I want to build something like this. It seems like it would be a fun bike to ride.

 I just noticed all my favorite bikes at the show were lacking front fenders.

 Mine has a front fender but not much of one.
 There's a show next weekend in a neighboring town. I'm told it will be a first time event and the promoters are trying to get as many attendees as possible. I think I'll enter a bike to help get the numbers up. I like the idea of having bike events close to home that help the community. This one will help a local animal shelter.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank the people involved in putting on Saturday's show. Good job.


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