Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Corner View

 The last few days we have had really decent weather and I've been out spraying and fertilizing lawns. Back at the shop, all the techs have certain equipment they concentrate their efforts on. For me its hand held equipment repairs. There is a section of pallet racking where we place all the incoming equipment. A few days ago I was caught up and the shelves were empty. Last night I noticed the shelves were overflowing with broken chain saws. It looked like I hadn't fixed anything in a month. I guess its the time of year when people are making fire wood for winter heating.

 Its a rain day. I can hear the rain falling as I type this. That means this will be my view for the day. Sitting on a stool in my corner of the shop. I'll try to repair as many saws as I can so I can get back out spraying lawns tomorrow.

 I'm sure I'll find at least one saw that looks like this on the inside. The customer will be notified of the damage and repair costs, and maybe quizzed about the gas/oil mix. The customer will then explain how his neighbor borrowed the saw and it never worked right since. Rarely is it the fault of the customer.
 Have a nice day.

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  1. That's why I DON'T loan my saws. LOL