Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Bad Gas

 So many small engine problems are related to bad fuel. Many times I find the fuel is old and has gummed things up. Some times ethanol has deteriorated rubber parts or it has absorbed moisture and now the tank has water in it.
 A quick look inside the fuel tank is almost always the first thing I do when diagnosing a running (or non starting) issue. When I emptied the fuel tank on a bac pac blower, I thought what I was seeing were pieces of rubber fuel line.

 It seemed like a lot of fuel line so I put my cheater glasses on and took a closer look...

 Are you kidding me? It wasn't chunks of fuel line at all. What are these earwigs doing in here? I think they must have been in the gas supply can and poured into this tank. Talk about bad gas.
 So when the customer brought this unit in for repair and said it had a bug in it and didn't run very well, he was close. It had a LOT of bugs in it.

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