Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-Ride to Work Day

Ya well that ship has sailed. The official ride to work day was the third Monday in June. I don't get all worked up about it because I ride every day that it's possible for me to ride. Fellow employee Dan rides whenever he can also. And now CalBob has a bike that he's been riding to work.

 Maybe some day this summer I'll get a pic of ALL the employees bikes. Of course that would require ALL the employees to ride to work. hint hint.
 We park in the grass. It's about the only place we can park without experiencing a huge dust problem. As I walked up on the bikes today I noticed something that made me remember what it was like to be young. These two bikes don't have license plates on them. One owner stated he had the plate in the saddlebag or in his garage...I can't remember which. The other just asked for me to be on the lookout for a plate. He doesn't know where he lost it. There was a time when not having a plate or insurance or whatever wouldn't bother me. Now I can't imagine wasting all that energy trying to avoid the cops. It's easier to play by the rules and not be bothered by Johnny Law. Of course I'm still on board with rolling stops and excessive speed. On that note, I'm enjoying the torque of the 103c.i. v-twin. It's not the fastest bike I've owned but it pulls pretty hard for a 850+ pound bike. I only mention it because on yesterdays ride home I moved every vehicle in my lane from my visor to my mirror.

Speaking of rules, here are a few personal rules I try to follow whenever possible.

 The bike should be visible from your table in the restaurant. If the place where you're dining is so fancy (or shitty) that there are no windows then you will have to accept that someone may mess with your stuff.

 The bike should also be visible from your hotel room. That's mine, under the tree next to the street light. I should point out that these rules have been in effect for decades and apply to rats as well as new bikes. There's nothing worse than having problems when on the road but I should add that there is nothing better than having problems on the road that can be worked out on the road. For me, those are the things memories are made of.

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