Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bit By A Rat

 I was tinkering on the Rat Turd fuel tank after work on Monday. Because I used a gasless wire feed welder there is a lot of splatter that needs to be cleaned up. As I was turning the tank in different positions to sand on it the tank kinda slipped out of my hand. I reached quick to grab it and the little rat bit me.

 I hooked my hand deep into what would be the ear of the rat head design in the front of the tank mount. There's kinda some meat hangin out of it. It's not like a life threatening wound but it is in an annoying spot for a mechanic. At least it didn't cross my "heart line". That would really be annoying.

 So what does this all mean? Well, nothing really except that there is some slow progress on the Rat Turd. After buying the new Harley I was consumed with it. I had a lot to learn about the new bike and I guess I still do but I'm comfortable enough with it now that I can start thinking about my other projects. There is a deadline for the fuel tank project and that's coming up in September when I want to take the bike to the Watson Street Bike Show. I know it's not a show bike but it is fun to let others get a close look at the stupidity that is the Rat Turd. Maybe I'll see you there.

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