Friday, August 21, 2015

Last Day in Maggie Valley

Today we decided to hang around the area and visit some local "attractions". We had a wonderful lunch at the newest restaurant in town, Cataloochee Cafe. Our travels also included a visit to the Indian/Victory dealer where we over analyzed the new victory slingshot. A fun looking machine but I think a test ride would be enough. I don't think these could satisfy like two wheels do. Besides, if I'm too frail to hold up a bike I surely would not be able to bend all the ways needed to climb in and out of one of these.
Another stop we made was to Crazy Bobs Biker Stuff. It's just a small shop but I like to buy something just because I would hate to see it go away. Bob always has a joke or something witty to say.
The next stop was the Wheels Through Time museum. I've been here a dozen times or more and always find something new and interesting. Today's find was a silly looking little lawn mower. It's a Swish-err but I'm not sure from when. I'm writing this from a bench at the front of the museum. Dale, the owner, has been entertaining guests and firing up old bikes all afternoon. It really is a neat place to visit if you ever get the chance.
The last few nights we have been trying to get in to a local Italian restaurant called Frankies or something like that. The wait is always more than a half hour and when this group is ready to eat, there's no waiting. We made an online reservation for tonight. We'll see how that plays out.
Tomorrow I head home. The days really fly by when you're doing stuff you like. I enjoy this time in Maggie Valley a little more each year I visit.

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