Wednesday, August 12, 2015


 On saturday I leave for a 9 day bike trip. I'll be going to the same place I went last year and the previous 10 or 15 years. That place is Maggie Valley North Carolina in the Smoky Mountains. Maggie Valley is in the heart of some of the nicest motorcycling roads in the country.
 I didn't discover this place on my own. Years ago a group of us were all on the same motorcycle forum. After chatting for a long time from behind screens, we decided to all meet in person. The place we met wasn't Maggie Valley but we had such a good time that first year that we decided to do it again. The organizer of the rally chose Maggie Valley that second year and it has just stuck. The group isn't nearly as big as it used to be but the ones that do show up all get along great. Riding, dining, bullshitting and relaxing is the agenda for the week.
 I've wondered if no one else was going to attend if I would still vacation down there. Not sure. There's a lot of places in the country I wouldn't mind seeing. If I want to see them, sooner or later I'm gonna have to spend my one week of the year to visit them. I guess the other option is to just take another week off. Ya, that sounds good.
 When I first started doing this trip I would eat up the whole 800+ mile journey down there in one day. My back isn't what it was then and I now take time to smell the roses. I'll take a lazy route that is actually a lot longer than 800 miles but I'll do it in two or three days.
 I'll try to post each day of the trip starting saturday night.  See you then!

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