Sunday, October 4, 2015

Green Lake Bike Show

 If you follow this blog then you know I was at a bike show last weekend. You'd also know that I don't own a show bike, rather an unusual rat bike. While we were sitting at the show shooting the breeze, Mike, one of the show organizers, asked me to help him out of a jam. I said sure and asked what he needed. They needed another judge for the show. Sounded good to me. I was given a clipboard with the bikes I was to judge listed on a score sheet. No explanation needed. I asked Al if he wanted to help and we scrutinized the bikes in that class.
 I'm not a show bike kind of person even though I've had my bike at shows. I guess I'm at these few shows cuz they are local, support good causes and are a motorcycle activity I can participate in without having to ride in formation next to some stranger of unknown skill level that may or may not be drunk. But just because I don't own a show bike doesn't mean I don't know what it takes to build a bike or maintain and present something worth looking at. I enjoyed judging those bikes and thought a lot about the scoring system. I feel the right bikes won that day in the class I judged but I would do the scoring a bit different if ever asked to do it again. I'm not gonna go into detail but I did find the score sheet categories interesting. Paint, chrome, wheels and tires, accessories, something else and overall appearance. I could only imagine the frustration of the guy judging the class with bikes in it like my Rat Turd or the guy that wrote "rust" under "special features" on the registration card. Ya it was rusty but that was the point. It was a rat.

 There was a entrant in the show I was really impressed with. It was a 2015 Indian towing a 1915 Indian on a trailer. Both bikes were purchased new by the same family 100 years apart.

 That's it for pics. I didn't snap any pics of the shiny bikes. We all know what those look like.

 So after being exposed to the judging side of shows and having enjoyed participating a few times, I might just have to step up my game and produce something a bit more show worthy. I have no thoughts on what exactly that means but it seems like something I might like to do.

 This morning I'm gonna meet up with Dan in Ripon and we will ride down to the Slimey Crud run. It's about a two hour ride and the temperature is about 45 but should warm up to 60 and partly sunny. That means there could be a pretty good turn out. I'm hoping to see some unusual bikes and I'll snap some pics for you if I do.  Later.

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