Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rat Sticker

 Something happened the other day that kinda caught me off guard. During my lunch break I had some errands to run and rolled into the hardware store in the city where I work. As I walked across the parking lot I noticed an older couple getting into a newer car. I didn't recognize them but I was very familiar with the decal in their back window. That's right, this elderly couple was sportin a Greasy Shop Rag sticker.
 I had to chuckle. I felt like I finally made the big time. Oh sure I'll hand these things out to anyone that will take one and I make them available at the bike shows, but I'd never seen where a stranger had put one on their vehicle. Too cool. I wonder if they read this drivel or just like displaying a pic of a rat dropping a steaming deuce.
 On that topic I'd like to thank all of you that follow this blog. I don't advertise on the site and there is no monetary gain but knowing people are out there reading this does kinda encourage me to continue. It's nothing special, just me babbling about bikes, making observations about what I see around me, or maybe sharing some technical info. I like to add some witty comments when I can but I've been informed I'm a lot less funny than I think. No problem, I like putting a few thoughts down on "paper" even if no one gets it. Kinda like leaving a diary laying around for anyone to peruse.
 Some people claim blogging is a dying format. I don't know, I got into it late and will continue as long as I can come up with something semi-interesting to say. I imagine at some point this space will be just some ramblings from a grumpy old man. "Those dang nabit neighbor kids were on my lawn again last week..."  or "Well by golly some young whippersnapper on a crotch rocket blew me away on my scooter" might be something you'll see here in the future. In fact if you were to scroll back to older posts you'll notice it started out strictly about bikes and slowly morphed into whatever it is you see here now. I personally like writing about things technical but I get the biggest feedback from the personal posts. The riding season isn't year round in these parts so I'll have to sneak some more of those personal ramblings in here if I'm gonna continue posting twice a week.
 Twice a week for two years now. Every Wednesday and Sunday morning. Huh. I never really had a plan when I started this and I guess I don't have a real plan moving forward.
 So stick around, maybe one of those rare gem posts will pop up here soon. You wouldn't want to miss it. Let me know if you need a sticker and I'll see about making that happen.