Sunday, March 27, 2016


 Here we are at Easter again. Another lap around the calendar. The difference today is that its the first Easter without my mom. I have three daughters and they all grew up going to grandmas house for an egg hunt. I have every one of those on video and they make a yearly record of our kids growing up. Old traditions have ended and I kinda feel lost. I miss mom and it will never be the same without her here. My daughters have some kind of plan for the family today and we are going to drive down to Milwaukee to find out what it is. Maybe the start of a new tradition?

 Yesterday I attended a motorcycle swap meet. I went with a big wad of cash in my pocket and came home with most of it. Not because the event was a flop. No, they put on a good show and I heard rumor of moving to a bigger location for next year. I simply didn't see too many things I felt I needed for bike projects.

 I did find a t shirt that I liked. It will spend the rest of its days on this hanger in my shop because I never looked at the size. I saw bsa on black and bought it.
 I also picked up some bar end mirrors for my café racer project that only exists in my if I don't already have enough real life projects.



  1. Happy Easter! Leaving a swap meet with most of your cash is a good thing...

  2. Thanks! Yes, I showed a lot of restraint at the swap meet.