Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Odorous Maximus

 I work in an environment where I can be exposed to a variety of nasty smells. The shop has all the usual odors associated with grease, oil, welding and burnt rubber (from cutting hydraulic hoses to length). I'm also exposed to fertilizers and lawn chemicals. I'm ok with most of those but there are certain smells that really get to me. The top three starting with the least offensive include FDS (frickin dog shit). I hate it when a piece of equipment that I need to work on has got FDS packed in the tread of the tires. I'm not a princess but that's just nasty. There are a few people at work that can destroy the bathroom in a similar manner. You know who you are. Go see a doctor or something. Next is old fuel that has turned into whatever that stinky green/black crap is that it becomes. Sometimes it can travel across the shop in seconds and drop me to my knees as I crawl to the door for fresh air. The worst is used gear oil, like that from the axle of a truck. As soon as that drain plug comes out its like a knock out punch right to the sniffer. I know there are worse smells but these are ones I deal with regularly.
 In my home shop I try to keep the stink to a minimum because the room is connected to the laundry room and then through a door to the kitchen. This past weekend I was dealing with the Rebel fuel petcock.
 The one that belongs to the black tank needed to be replaced so I pulled the petcock out of the parts bike for inspection. There was fuel, or at least some type of liquid that used to be gasoline, still in the tank. Wow that stuff is ripe. I pulled it apart in the garage then brought it into the shop for inspection. I literally spilled two drops in the shop and stunk up the whole place!
 Later I was working on changing the fork oil and was shocked to see what was coming out of the drain hole.
 My nose was even more shocked! This stuff was bad and combined with the bad gas stink I had to leave the room for a while. I know this isn't smellovision but lets see if I can describe it to you. Imagine something crawls up a rabid skunks back side and dies. The skunk then gets hit on the highway and bakes in the sun for a few days. Now a hungry coyote comes by and eats that skunk then gets sick and drops a big steaming deuce in your lawn. Next our lawn crew runs over that squishy pile right before returning to the shop to maintain their equipment. As they roll into the shop, Al is draining the rear axle of a truck, Greg just dropped the float bowl on a carb with old gas, Jake is making a hydraulic hose, somebody just walked out of the bathroom and I'm working on a spray rig. Ya, powerful stuff.

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