Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crap Weather

 It figures that right after I pull the Ultra out of hibernation the weather would get snowy again. The roads are too slippery for a two wheeler so the bikes sit waiting in the garage and I sit waiting in my shop. Sure I've got a lot of projects to finish but after that initial ride on the big HD, I was geared up for doing some miles. Now I'm just bummed out and having trouble getting motivated.
Poor photography and backlighting or is it snowing that hard?

 Yesterday as the snow was coming down I decided to quit whining and just get moving on some of these projects. I started slow by refreshing my memory on the security system on the Ultra. The bike uses a fob rather than a key and there are codes and procedures for working around the fob if its battery dies or you drive off without the fob. See, if your fob is within 20 feet of the bike, the bike will start and allow you to drive off. There won't be an issue till you shut the bike off. At that point you need the fob or your security code which can be entered manually to allow starting of the bike. I've heard stories of guys riding off like this and not knowing their security code. I don't want to be one of those guys. I've also heard that if you trailer the bike without setting it in "transport mode" the security system will keep flashing the lights. If your trip is long enough this could mean a dead battery. I don't foresee a cross country trailer ride for the bike but again, I don't want to be caught in that situation so I familiarized myself with the procedure. I also decided to put fresh batteries in the fobs. Not a very technical job but it is motorcycle maintenance.
 The next project was to drive to work and change the front tire on Brookes Rebel. Showing up at the shop was risky and didn't go unnoticed. I ended up clocking in and pushing some snow. Not a big deal, just not part of the plan. When I got home I changed the oil in my wifes car and we went for a drive. No purpose, just wandering. One of our stops was an antique mall. There were a lot of cool things there but not much was motorcycle related. Sure they had a bunch of Harley signs and some were cool. I like my Ultra and sportster but I'm having a problem with all the HD hype. Not for what it is, rather the fact there is so much of it. Its everywhere. When I see something a little different it seems more interesting to me. I walked out with the only faux antiques they had. Why spend a lot of coin on a rusty old sign when you can have a cheap imitation for less?
 I'm hoping these signs hanging on my shop wall will help motivate me to finish the BSA project.

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  1. Good idea on the fob battery. I got caught a while back with a dead battery and now make a point of replacing them every year whether they need it or not. Cheap insurance.