Wednesday, May 16, 2018

True Fire?

 I found two hours Tuesday night to experiment painting true fire flames. After watching a few videos I figured "how hard can it be?" It's hard. I wasn't gonna post pics of how crappy a job I did because those of you that couldn't possibly think less of me, will. After sleeping on it I realized that it might make a good "before" pic if I happen to create something presentable. Mixing reds and oranges was easy and I liked the shade of those colors. For whatever reason my yellow turned out green after applied. I mean, I'm looking at straight yellow in the cup and its laying down green. That's not the beer talking. That's a fact.

 Look who jumped up here to help me write this blog. Oliver Rodenzo himself. Rodenzo because he looks like a rodent. If ever there was a two faced back stabbing cat, this is the one. He'll snuggle up and purr looking for a treat then he's out of here. If you don't give him what he wants then he'll mess your shit up. Rat bastard. If he gets too chummy I'll give him his helmet and we'll play "launch the kitty".

 I painted a piece of sheet metal all black and hung it on the wall. All my paint just sat on my makeshift turn table and life was good. That can of black will get some use today as I plan to cover up my first session and practice some more. So here is the first failure. It looks like shit but I learned a whole lot about this process.

 The flames I like the best make heavy use of stencils which is why I thought this would be easier. Some of the stuff in the dead center of the pic uses stencils and I can see that once I get the hang of using them then maybe things will look better. Or maybe not. I also need to understand better the use of light colored highlights but all of that may come with practice. I may or may not keep you posted.



  1. I think it looks pretty good, especially if this really is your first shot at it! Next, you can practice on the Subaru...

    1. Lol! Your the second person to suggest painting the Subaru. For a station wagon its not a bad car and I'm gonna keep it that way :-)
      This was the first attempt but I cleverly cropped out the bottom third of the pic because that really looked bad.

  2. Nice! Kind of looks like an acid/tequila flashback/hangover with satanic overtones.

  3. Thats exactly the look I was going for!