Sunday, May 17, 2015

No Street Glide For Me

 My last few posts were about my desire to buy a Harley Street Glide. I've been to a few dealerships since then and kicked the tires on a few. What I found was that if I want the daymaker led head lamp and fog lamps, intercom/headset/cb, and heated grips, it would cost a bundle to add them. It was pointed out to me that they all come as standard equipment on this:

 It's the Ultra Limited. I've owned touring bikes this size but holy crap thats a lot of bike. It weighs like twice as much as my sporty. And what am I gonna do about that trunk? Well, they make a kit to take that trunk off when you want the Street Glide look.
 But here's the best part. My wife hasn't rode with me since I hit that deer in 2000. She said someone needed to stay alive and raise the kids. Guess what? The last kid is flying the nest real soon. If you want to keep a passenger happy this is the bike that can do it and she has agreed to give it a chance.

 So now what? I'm not a huge fan of the "lowers". They're kinda ugly but necessary as they hide the radiators for the "twin cooled" engine. Then again the other day I rode to work in a heavy fog and had wet pants from the knees down for most of the morning. I still need to take one for a test ride. Who knows, maybe I'll hate it. Ya right.